As a fully virtual event, STEPtember is a fun and safe way to boost health, happiness and teamwork, wherever you choose to participate from. And, with our new STEPtember trainers on board to help you achieve your health and fundraising goals, there’s never been a better time to step up! Find motivation from their stories and learn more about the incredible work being done at Turkish Spastic Childrens Foundation - Cerebral Palsy Turkey – made possible thanks to the fundraising efforts of people like you who choose to step up each year.


All of our trainers are unique, but they share a common goal: to see you succeed this STEPtember. Follow their tips to unlock your potential and earn coveted Trainer Badges: available only to the most dedicated STEPtember participants. Do you have what it takes to collect them all?

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Playful, creative and always optimistic, Charli has never once shied away from a challenge and she’s not about to start now. Thanks to ongoing hydrotherapy at CPA, Charli has been able to make a splash as a confident swimmer who’s getting better every day. Outside of the pool, she stays active with her friends and family who are amazed at her ability to set goals and smash expectations.


Complete all three Participation Milestones to earn Charli’s Badge.
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A supportive athlete with a competitive edge, Berat is a force to be reckoned with. With years of exercise physiology under his belt, Berat knows what it takes to rise to the challenge. Even with his impressive list of achievements, he’s always looking forward to further sharpen his skills. He knows what it takes to succeed and he’s ready to motivate you to stay fit and healthy this STEPtember.


Complete all three Stepping Milestones to earn Berat's Badge.
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Neilob is a self-starting superstar whose love for tennis has taken her to new heights. Her independent nature shines through off the court, where she works with CPA to support the wider STEPtember team. She knows that raising funds for cerebral palsy is now more important than ever. So, this year, she’s ready to help you make every donation count.


Complete all three Fundraising Milestones to earn Neilob’s Badge.
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The only thing Marc likes more than music is exploring the great outdoors. Thanks to ongoing speech therapy, Marc now knows how to effectively communicate with his family who have empowered him to embrace his adventurous spirit and sign up as a STEPtember trainer. Now it’s your turn to step up and reach your goals.


Complete all nine Campaign Milestones to unlock Marc’s Badge and achieve your elite STEPtember status.


Looking to learn more about our cause? Check out our latest case studies and find out how TSCV - CPT supports children living with cerebral palsy and their families.


Berat was born 33 weeks old in the morning of 28 August 2007. He had to be put in the intensive care unit immediately as his lungs were not very well developed. After spending a month in intensive care, we were able to return our home with a great excitement. But then, we learned that the medical results of him were suggesting that he had Cerebral Palsy. Luckily, he was diagnosed in a really early stage. Our paths come across with Cerebral Palsy Turkey while Berat was 15 months old and now, we still benefit from the same institution for almost 11 years.

We receive multiple different services including hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, massage and other rehabilitation methods. Thanks to the Steptember campaign and its volunteers, we are able to receive more services of rehabilitation and special education that we would not be able to access otherwise.

Berat can read, write, speak and shows all kinds of relevant academic skills in his education. In his spare time, he loves to practice walking-alone exercises and cycling. He also likes watching matches and trying different tastes in the kitchen with me. Berat never gives up and loves to live.

Almina Ayşe

Almina Ayşe was born 29 weeks old and she weighted only 1,5 kg. She incubated for almost 40 days. When she was 3 months old, we realized that something was wrong with her, upon observing that she could not control her eye focus and also her balance while sitting. Almina was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and developmental retardation when she was 8 months old.

As of February 2019, she has been getting rehabilitation and special education services from Cerebral Palsy Turkey. She started to show progress in many different areas like holding things in her hand and direct her movements alone, after we started to benefit from this organization thanks to the funds raised by Steptember.

The staff we work together in the organization, predicts that Almina may start walking and talking as well as long as she continues her education and therapy sessions. I would like to thank all the Steptember volunteers who made it possible for us.

Defne ve Sude

After giving birth to my first child without any specific medical problem, I had an early delivery when I was pregnant for the second time to my twins. Our twins were born 27 weeks old and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. We continue to receive services from the Foundation since 2016.

Thanks to the staff working in the organization, Sude started to walk at the age of 3,5. Defne is also expected to be walking very soon. My daughters can walk by wearing apho on their legs.

In addition to the physiotherapy sessions provided by the state, we get additional physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions with the help of Steptember funds. Sude has been benefiting from the services provided by Steptember funds for 3 years and Defne for 4 years. We would like to thank everyone taking part in Steptember and also people working in the Foundation, for not leaving us alone in this challenging but hopeful journey.

Ece Naz

My daughter, Ece is a 6-year-old young girl. She was born as 27 weeks old, weighted only 716 grams. She stayed in intensive care unit for 3,5 months. I was told by the doctors that she may not be able to walk due to the complications of being a premature baby. But she was not diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy until the age of 1,5.

Ece Naz started to talk at the age of 2, and now, she can walk slowly by getting assistance from her walker. She attends the kinder garden at Metin Sabanci Private Education Schools and getting special education and rehabilitation services from the Foundation.

She has a mild level of mental retardation. But, she is a fast learner thanks to all of the services of special education & rehabilitation that she has been receiving. We are grateful to all volunteers of Steptember and the Foundation itself for their precious support.

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For almost 30 years, we are working to provide treatment, support and rehabilitation services for children living with CP and their families.


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But our work is far from over. Raising funds for cerebral palsy is now more important than ever. So, this year, we’ve recruited a team of STEPtember trainers to show you how to fundraise in creative and fun new ways.

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Our foundation is the first and only institution in the field of Cerebral Palsy with the widest range of services for both children and families, from infancy to the age of 18. By providing diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and education services to children and adults with Cerebral Palsy, making necessary activities and efforts for them to have a profession and to be involved in social life.
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Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers
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Family Consulting Center
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Metin Sabancı Schools
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Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers; Physiotherapy, Individual Special Education, Group Education, Hydrotherapy, Psychological Counseling and Guidance
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Familiy Consultancy Center; Risky Baby and Early Intervention Program, Prechtl Analysis, Developmental Assessment and Guidance Counseling, Pedagogical and Psychological Counseling, Development Counseling, Language and Speech Development Counseling, Medical Counseling Services
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Metin Sabanci Schools; Kindergarten and Primary School For Children With Mild Mental Retardation, Primary and Elementary Schools For Children With Modarate and Severe Mental Retardation



With the donations collected during STEPtember in 2019, we provided the following services throughout the year.

Hydrotherapy for 45 children

Physiotherapy for 54 children

Special Education for 45 children

Game-Based Rehabilitation for 74 children

Early Intervention Service for 40 babies

Consultancy Service for 27 children and family

Education and Training Scholarship for 30 children

2.000 Published Book

IN 2019 WE RAISED 1.315.172 TL

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